How To Handle Harassment At Your Workplace

As an employee, if you've had someone talk you down or make hurtful side comments at you for reasons like age, race, gender, physical appearance, disabilities or even skin colour, then you'll understand what I mean by "Workplace harrasmment".

Not to worry though, I'll share a few tips on how to handle it properly.

1. Report to the HR personnel.
The job of the HR is to ensure the well-being of the employees right? (Simply put though). So yes go table your complain in the HR department.

2. Keep Records
Write down every detail of your harassment including the person/people involved, date and time of harassment and the person/people you reported to.

3. Involve other Employees with similar situations
Talk to your colleagues who have had similar experiences and document their complaints too.

4. Who saw it happen?
Talk to people who witnessed the harassment and ensure they'll stand for you when you take the matter up.
Be careful about who you talk to though.

5. Keep doing your work properly and still maintain good work performance.

What are your thoughts on this?


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