Having different types of employee personalities in every workplace can be interesting. Just as the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life."

However, managing employees with different personalities can be perceived as a herculean task; bearing in mind the need to get the best out of them in order to increase productivity.

 Below are some tips that can be of help.

 1. The Hard WorkerThis type of employee is energetic , handles and completes the required jobs assigned and most times may not be very organised and is willing to learn at any given opportunity.

Do Not overwork this individual with so much workload.

 2. The Smart Worker: This employee is meticulous, knows how to prioritize or delegate any assigned tasks and also is a team player.

Encourage this individual by setting smart goals and deadlines and train this employee. Such an employee's skills can be harnessed through delegation.

3. The High flyer. This employee, is creative, strategizes, sees the picture, is innovative and is willing to take risks.Such an employee can be managed by mentoring.

Allow this person spread his / her wings to fly by setting smart objectives with timelines .

Do Not micromanage such individuals rather train, mentor and inspire such person(s) for higher roles in the organisation.

 4. The Disruptors: These individuals do not have good work attitude , they are lazy, aggressive ,they gossip and pay lip service to cover up their lapses. Summarily they have nothing positive to add to the organisation.

Such employees should be kept busy by a lot of tasks with time lines .

Do Not encourage listening to tell tales from such employees . When they prove too difficult to handle assigned tasks and threaten others because they have a god father or god mother in the company.

Such individuals can be managed with the use of the carrot and stick approach. It is advisable to communicate by writing to such employees whenever you need them to do things so that it is documented.

These type of employees are not good for the workplace.

5. The Laggards: These set of employees are lagging behind their peers at the workplace maybe die to their different abilities And capacity to understand . When you observe such an employee is lagging behind and is willing to improve; coach , train , hand hold this employee, draw up a performance improvement plan .

If after you have put all these measures in place to bring this staff up to speed and still no improvement, then there is no need keeping such an employee.


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