What exactly is ATS?

ATS is short for Applicant Tracking System and can also be referred to as 'Candidate Management System'.

This system software is designed to assist recruiters in screening job applicants more efficiently. 

Why is it used?

The number of applications for job positions has been on a steady rise and so organizations, especially large ones have turned to ATS to ease their hiring process.

How does it work?

ATS works by keywords. It ranks your application based on the relevant keywords on your CV/Resume.  So this means that even if you have a good CV/Resume, it may not make it to the table of the hiring officers without the right keywords.

I didn't say "an explanation of the keywords", I said "keywords"

Note that ATS work like robots and so your CV/Resume has to follow standard format. You really don't expect a robot to know that you added all those pictures because you wanted your CV/Resume to look better. All it knows is that, the pictures shouldn't be there.

How do you write an ATS worthy CV/Resume?

Tip 1. Write both the complete form and acronym of words. E.g (MBA, Master of Business Administration)

Tip 2. Check properly for grammar and spelling errors and correct them

Tip 3. If PDF is not required, send your CV/Resume in msword/doc format

Tip 4. Use only standard CV/Resume section Headings

Tip 5. Streamline your CV/Resume to fit the job description

Tip 6. Use standard fonts (e.g Times New Roman) and font sizes (size 12)

Tip 7. Make it as brief as possible

Tip 8. As much as possible, avoid graphics, images, tables, symbols and logos

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