Did you know that having all of the qualifications and experience needed for a particular job role doesn't make the company or organization right for you? In fact, a juicy salary and proximity to your home aren't the only things to look out for when job searching.⁣⁣


Here are some things to look out for before accepting a job offer.⁣⁣


- The Company's Culture⁣⁣

It encompasses the company's vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs and habits. Check if all aspects of the company's culture sits right with you. If there's any that probably goes against your belief and you're sure you cannot handle, MOVE ON to the next.⁣⁣


- The Employees/Bosses⁣⁣

Take time to visually access the employees you're opportune to meet. Do they seem happy and satisfied? Are they helpful and welcoming? ⁣⁣

Your answers should help your decision making.

- Opportunities and Interest in Employee Growth⁣⁣

Nobody wants to stay the same. I mean, I wouldn't want you to come 5 years later and see that there's been absolutely no improvement. Just me doing the same things with the same skills (not improved upon), in fact wearing the same boring outfits. I'd like to have improved, grown and probably changed a  few things to match up with the steady advancements in the world's systems. 

So, if the company has no plan that points towards your growth as an individual or provides you with opportunities relevant to your career development, then you may need to reconsider.

Does the company have a history of creating opportunities for growth for employees? Will it be able to aid your career growth? ⁣⁣

Answer these questions first before attempting to take the job.


- Work-life Balance⁣⁣

Work life balance refers to how time is spent within and outside the workplace. A healthy work-life balance would help reduce stress and reduce the risk of a burn out.

It's very important to check if the company's expectations of you tips your work-life balance. Would you still have time for family, friends, and your social life? Are the job requirements more than you can handle?⁣⁣

⁣⁣Answering these questions will give you an insight to whether or not you should take the job. 

Then you can go ahead and check for;⁣⁣

- Salary and Benefits ⁣⁣

- Proximity to your home⁣⁣


Neglecting these is what has left a ton of workers unhappy and tired of their jobs. You can avoid that.⁣⁣

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